Faith walk: Cast your cares away


A promise recorded in the Bible is a great encouragement to us. “There remains a rest for the people of God.” After the labor and toils of our lives are completed, God has a plan for us to rest.

What an encouragement! It tells us the Lord has planned for our eternal well-being and prepared a wonderful place as our eternal home.

But more than that, the words of this promise tell us that we can rest in Him now! We don’t have to wait for our translation to Heaven.

Jesus invites you to rest in Him. “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden.” Then He said, “Take my yoke upon you … and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28)

In years past when oxen were used for plowing and towing, owners sometimes could not afford a matched pair. They had to team a mature, stronger ox with a younger, perhaps weaker one. To balance the burden, an adjustable yoke was used. The adjustment gave the shorter part of the yoke to the larger ox and the longer part of the yoke to the smaller ox. It gave the stronger ox less leverage and the younger ox more leverage to pull their loads. It put the greater part of the work load on the stronger ox and thereby actually balanced the work of the two.

Your Lord is yoked together with you. What you cannot carry, He can. When you feel you are overburdened and just cannot go on, remember your Savior is teamed with you and He is in the yoke to bear the greatest part of the load.

There is a Savior who is willing to bear the load of life with you! You do not have to walk alone! You do not have to suffer without help!

He will not allow more to come upon you than you are able to bear … with His wonderful and loving help. Remember, you are not alone! He is with you to give you rest … today, tomorrow and forever! Write the Pastor at


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