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We run Special Sections and targeted content in many editions each year. Call or email to find out the publishing schedule and related ad space deadlines.
For our current rates, read below or click an image to download our current Rate Cards (PDF) for Clay Today and Clay County Leader, or The Oakleaf. Oakfleaf Advertising Rate Card Keystone Heights Rates


Clay Today & Clay County Leader



Friday before 12 p.m.

Clay Today - Thursday publish date

Clay County Leader - Friday publish date 

INSERTS         (11 x 14 Maximum insert size)

Size Insert Rate CPM

8 1/2 x 11 Single Sheet .................... $44.00

4 to 12 Page Tab ............................... $46.00

16 to 20 Page Tab ............................. $50.00

24 plus Page Tab .............................. $57.50

(Full Coverage In Clay Requires 11,500 Pieces)

Deadline: Must be received between 8 a.m. - NOON Monday prior to insertion.

Quoted rates apply to preprints containing advertisements from only one local advertiser.

Must be shipped to:

 Gainesville Sun Publishing Company, 

2700 SW 13th Street, 

Gainesville, FL 32608

Attn: Arlene Hicks

Phone: (352) 338-3162


• 300x250-$350

• 300x600-$400

• 728x90-$450

• Video ad module (includes 600x250)-$500

• Business Marketplace-$100

• Front page Facebook feeds-$65

• Takeover event ads (2000x1346)-$75/day, $450/week

Ask us about Facebook feeds and Google AdWord campaigns.

All ads include a hyperlink

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Delivering the Best Prospects

Buying power generally rises among consumers with higher household incomes, higher levels of education, and more job responsibility. Newspaper delivers these prospects to advertisers. As household income rises, so does newspaper readership. The key is better market penetration. We combine Paid Circulation and Free Circulation. Growing trends in America show Free Circulation Newspapers in over 45 million homes.



70% of adults read a newspaper or visit a newspaper website on an average week

79% of adults with a household income greater than $100,000 a year read a printed newspaper or a newspaper website in the past week.

81% of adults with a college degree read a printed newspaper or visited a newspaper website in the past week.

Source: Scarborough USA+ 2010 Release 2 (12 months)


You always need to care about Branding. Branding has an inherent value, “brand equity” – whether an asset or liability – in your business. Your Brand, is the image that exists in consumers’ minds about your company and its products quality, reliability, results, service and status. A well-established brand makes your product or service worth more and this image is developed over a long period of time.

Let our professional staff partner with you to develop your Brand. Clay Today is well established and known as the local news source in Clay County. We can help you explore promotional partnerships for cross marketing opportunities. Newspaper advertising is an effective method to establish and maintain brand development and is viewed as a trusted source of information reaching a large audience consistently and quickly. Contact our Publisher, Jon Cantrell at 904-264-3200 or email at to begin exploring how to brand and grow your business.