Letters to the Editor 6/4/20


Resident wants to know why school police are being paid during shutdown

Hello Editor:

May I say the Clay newspaper is worth the subscription price and cost.

My complaint is since we have this very expensive Clay County School Police Department costing us the taxpayers increased property taxes what does this police force do since the schools are closed reducing their duties to a security guard status at policemen’s salaries and wages. I do find this particular force a waste of money because technically what they do now is what a cheaper security guard force can do and they have no real duties as such and the program should be discontinued and done away with. We have a perfect Clay County Sheriff department that could do the job more effectively and save us taxpayers a lot of money and as I said the school police is a WASTE OF MONEY and I do remember it was not a popular idea in the first place but politics played its hand in this and it needs to be studied and done with.

Note: These police officers of the schools in Clay County could be used to argument the Clay County Sheriff Department because as it stands now these School Police have no real authority to issue traffic citations or anything outside of the school grounds. And since we have these riots going on in other states it might be wise to use them as a augmenting force to subdue anything such as protesting or rioting demonstrations in the future.

Respectfully yours,

Archie A. Archon

Orange Park

Orange Park resident: Plaza will destroy ‘quiet bedroom community’


With all due respect to Mr. (Clay County Economic Development Corporation JJ) Harris and Commissioner (Roland) Mastandrea, they are dead wrong in their opinions that a development of the magnitude they are planning on the corner of Kingsley and Orange Avenue is a good idea.

They obviously do not live in the neighborhood and have to deal with the traffic during the morning and evening school rush to the six or so local schools. It will destroy the quiet bedroom community that my husband and I moved into 20 years ago. We worry about the rise in crime with 160, 1-2 and 3 bedroom apartments as well as stores we don’t really need. There is everything we need as far as shopping in a five-mile radius. Does anyone really want to see Kingsley turn into another CR 220? Please fellow neighbors and concerned people of Orange Park, stop this from happening. We really don’t want to be forced to move!

Sincerely, Joan Lazzara Orange Park


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