Faith walk: It's Simple


Sometimes I long for simpler days. It seems that years ago our lives were much simpler than they are today. Maybe that’s why I like old western movies. The good guys wore white hats. All the good cowboys treated the women with respect. They were always on the side of the underdog. They never shot anyone in the back. They always kept their word. The sheriff always got his man. The bad guy always paid for his crimes.

It never really was as simple as those western stories made it seem. The memories are good anyway. You know, that really is the way life ought to be even if it never has been that way.

When we are grounded in absolute principles, the decisions of life become much simpler. If we have no principles to be our moral compass, we will be tossed about without direction and in confusion.

Jesus taught us that truth is absolute. In fact, he made it so definite that He declared Himself to be Truth! “I am the Truth…” is what He said. (John 14:6) Pontius Pilate – the whimpering, wavering, unsettled and unstable Roman governor of Judea – knew that Jesus was innocent of any crimes or wrongdoing but he was committed to no guiding principle of right and wrong. He looked into the face of Truth and asked, “What is Truth?” (John 18:38)

The way to have the certainty of simplicity is just this: Do the right thing! When you make this a guiding principle that you live by daily, you will find things fitting in the right order.

There is a select path of principle and truth. Everyone does not choose this simple way. It is declared to be “only for those who walk in God’s way.” The spiritually wise will choose this way but “fools will never walk there.” (Isa. 35:8)

Making wrong decisions will complicate your life. Make the right decisions. As you do, the right path for your daily life will constantly become clearer. Making the simple decision to do the right things, will clarify every life issue.

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