Arrests & Bookings 10/17/19


 Key: FTA-Failure to Appear; DWLSR-Driving Without a License-Suspended or Revoked; DUI-Driving Under the Influence; VOP-Violation of Parole. There are no assumptions or representations about guilt or innocence. Everyone arrested or booked is presumed innocent.

Tuesday, Oct. 15

Rodney W. Williams, 25, Orange Park, child neglect, DUI

Quinten T. Markle, 24, Orange Park, fugitive from justice

Yailin Herrera Hernandez, 28, Oakleaf, failure to return leased property, petit theft

Angela D. Lynch, 43, Keystone Heights, trespassing after warning

Asia R. Stanford, 23, Lakeside, five counts burglary

Charles M. Mowry, 39, Orange Park, criminal mischief

Jason M. Adams, 39, Green Cove Springs, VOP-fraudulent use of credit card, VOP-possession of controlled substance

Charlotte K. Johns, 43, Green Cove Springs, second-degree arson

Michael R. Williams, 32, Green Cove Springs, VOP-domestic battery

Andrew L. Archibald, 35, Middleburg, DWLSR-habitual offender

Monday, Oct. 14

Andrew M. Sheffield, 24, Orange Park, possession-marijuana less than 20g

Elton C. Fortner, 43, Middleburg, FTA-failure to register vehicle

Mark W. Patterson, 24, Middleburg, three counts burglary

Stuart E. Burton, 47, Orange Park, FTA-DWLSR

Cory Hedding, 23, Keystone Heights, petit theft, fraudulent use of credit card

Kevin D. Wright, 39, Green Cove Springs, VOP-aggravated assault with deadly weapon, VOP-felony DUI, third offense within 10 years

Miguel A. Ruiz, 40, Green Cove Springs, VOP-child abuse

Jeremy D. Declue, 31, Green Cove Springs, FTA-attempting to flee police officers, FTA-first degree DWLSR, FTA-no valid vehicle registration

Anthony M. Fischer, 26, Middleburg, sale of methamphetamine

John Bricker, 42, Orange Park, VOP-community control

Tracy L. Stratton, 43, Fleming Island, out of county warrant

Richard M. Stratton, 46, Fleming Island, FTA

Brandon C. Spivey, 19, Keystone Heights, two counts aggravated battery with deadly weapon, simple dating violence, vandalism

Tonie L. Holman, 29, Orange Park, FTA

Sunday, Oct. 13

Daniel B. Haley, 35, Middleburg, DUI

Jason M. Bargy, 48, Orange Park, assault on police officer

Clayton D. Canaan, 32, Orange Park, DUI

Eduardo C. Contreras, 50, Middleburg, DUI

Elias Magloire-Martinez, 19, Orange Park, possession-marijuana less than 20g, possession/use drug paraphernalia

Daniela M. Clarke, 27, Orange Park, simple domestic battery

Donna J. Frisbee, 53, Middleburg, DUI

Mason T. Ferrell, 21, Green Cove Springs, VOP-community control

Earl C. Smith, 35, Orange Park, FTA

Bradley S. Rhoades, 30, Middleburg, VOP-community control

Donna M. Morin, 54, Orange Park, possession-methamphetamine, possession-controlled substance without prescription

Catherine N. Leon, 22, Orange Park, DUI, leaving scene of accident with property damage

Saturday, Oct. 12

Miguel A. Santos, 43, Green Cove Springs, non-support

Melinda A. Ramsey, 39, Orange Park, DWLSR

Brian K. Phillips, 48, Green Cove Springs, writ of attachment

Thomas E.H. Horner, 26, Orange Park, battery on police officer/firefighter/EMT, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer

Abraham R. Harp, 28, Green Cove Springs, felony battery, domestic battery by strangulation

Charles L. Alexander, 62, Orange Park, FTA-DWLSR

Monique Chambers, 52, Orange Park, vandalism

Darryl K.D. Brant, 28, Orange Park, retail petit theft, possession-methamphetamine

Larry P. Wright, 64, Middleburg, DWLSR

William F. Padgett, Middleburg, two counts FTA

Cephas U. Bradley, 27, Orange Park, four counts child neglect

Stephen C. Potter, 56, Middleburg, DUI

Christopher B. Davis, 27, Middleburg, VOP-community control, retail petit theft

Nicle R. Chadduck, 51, Middleburg, simple domestic battery

Derick A. Wallace, 29, Middleburg, DWLSR

Michael J. Bragg, 30, Orange Park, retail petit theft

Trenton B. Knight, 44, Orange Park, retail petit theft, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer

Friday, Oct. 11

Robert L. Day, 34, Middleburg, FTA

John L.N. Huston, 32, Keystone Heights, petit theft

Christopher S. Miles, 41, Orange Park, retail theft

Brandy L. Peters, 39, Orange Park, retail petit theft

Carie M. Gross, 41, Fleming Island, misrepresenting self to commit ID theft

MacKenzine A. Moore, 25, Green Cove Springs, VOP-burglary with assault

Anthony L. Miller, 57, Orange Park, VOP-reckless driving reduced from DUI

Mark W. Patterson, 24, Middleburg, burglary

Alexandria S. Rickert, 31, Green Cove Springs, DWLSR

Quanzes L.S. Mitchner, 25, Green Cove Springs, non-support

Donald C. Cook, 34, VOP-DUI

Jacqueline T. Jones, 24, Green Cove Springs, VOP-grand theft

Katie A. Tague, 40, Green Cove Springs, possession-methamphetamine, possession/use drug paraphernalia

Brandon G. McLain, 41, Middleburg, DWLSR

Andrew T. Jones, 28, Orange Park, simple battery, exposure of sexual organs

Shelby L. Langford, 20, Green Cove Springs, fugitive from justice

Denshie L.A. Baptiste, 19, Middleburg, grand theft, petit theft, two counts dealing in stolen property, violation of pawn broker act

Thomas C. Woodard, 26, Green Cove Springs, FTA-failure to report name/residence change

Elisabethe A.S. Rizer, 19, Orange Park, tampering/fabricating physical evidence to alter/destroy/conceal, possession marijuana less than 20g, possession/use drug paraphernalia

Sidney C. Adams, 21, Orange Park, possession/use drug paraphernalia

Amanda K. Stanford, 28, Middleburg, possession/use drug paraphernalia

Rodney T. Bennett, 26, Middleburg, possession-controlled substance without prescription

Bontrell D. Roberts, 26, Orange Park, DWLSR

Robert D. Journey, 39, Middleburg, retail petit theft

Crystal G. Henderson, 38, Orange Park, possession-methamphetamine with intent to sell, possession-cocaine, possession/use drug paraphernalia

Keith L. Rowell, 41, Orange Park, possession-methamphetamine with intent to sell, possession-controlled substance without prescription, possession/use drug paraphernalia

Brandon N. Tyler, 27, Middleburg, FTA

Edwin A. Perez Martinez, 22, Fleming Island, DUI, driving without license

Thursday, Oct. 10

Michael H.B. Harrison, 53, Orange Park, trespassing

Jennifer L. Goostree, 38, Orange Park, petit theft

Christopher W. Jeffers, 33, Green Cove Springs, non-support

Daniel G. Gessell, 27, Middleburg, burglary

Ashley D. Huskisson, 26, Middleburg, selling heroin

Brandon K. Hatfield, 24, Green Cove Springs, VOP-grand theft

Clarence D. Person, 49, Green Cove Springs, VOP-sexual battery

Tamara L. Elias, 41, Orange Park, three counts out of county warrant

Nathan D. Polk, 28, Fleming Island, vandalism

Carlos J. Valezquez-Gonzalez, 36, Orange Park, possession-crack cocaine, possession/use drug paraphernalia

Wednesday, Oct. 9

Brianna L. Kelly, 47, Orange Park, FTA-petit theft

Ashley D. Huskisson, 26, Orange Park, possession-heroin, possession/use drug paraphernalia, possession-controlled substance without a prescription

Joshua A. Britton, 32, Middleburg, FTA-DWLSR

Joseph W. Boone, 43, Orange Park, possession-methamphetamine

Joseph M. Vavra, 22, Orange Park, 10 counts possession/control/view of child sex conduct

Lucas C. Jewett, 30, Keystone Heights, delivering methamphetamine

Andrew J. Pena, 24, Orange Park, violation of injunction for protection against domestic violence

Zackary A. Harwell, 34, Keystone Heights, delivering methamphetamine

Lottie D. Hazlewood, 30, Middleburg, scheme to defraud

Troy W. Grubbs, 33, Green Cove Springs, VOP-battery

Dalton W. Carver, 22, Orange Park, trafficking methamphetamine, possession/use drug equipment

Jenifer A. Davenport, 28, Keystone Heights, aggravated assault with deadly weapon

Linda L. Carter, 77, Keystone Heights, domestic battery

Christopher C. Bell, 43, Green Cove Springs, FTA

Kevin A. Wezniak, 58, Fleming Island, simple domestic battery, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer

Darrel W. Harper, 23, Middleburg, possession-marijuana less than 20g, possession-cocaine, possession/use drug paraphernalia

Donnell J.O. Langford, 22, Fleming Island, possession-marijuana less than 20g


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