Arrests and bookings 7/10/19


(Name, age, location of arrest, charges). Key: FTA-Failure to Appear; DWLSR-Driving Without a License-Suspended or Revoked; DUI-Driving Under the Influence; VOP-Violation of Parole. There are no assumptions or representations about guilt or innocence.

Tuesday, July 9

David V. Clarke, 46, Middleburg, possession/use drug equipment

Gregory W. McDaniel, 51, Keystone Heights, out of county warrant

Felicity L. Condon, 18, Green Cove Springs, aggravated domestic assault, domestic battery by strangulation, domestic battery

Dondrake O. Elmore, 21, Orange Park, DWLSR

Ashely A. Morris, 36, Middleburg, tamper with/fabricate/alter/destroy/conceal physical evidence

Lsartai D. Grant, 22, Orange Park, FTA-no valid driver’s license

Fred W. Rivera Vazquez, 55, Middleburg, possession/use drug equipment

Kerri A. Riley, 46, Middleburg, possession/use drug equipment

Derrick D. Garrett, 23, Orange Park, violation of injunction for protection against domestic violence

Charvez J. Thompson, 26, Middleburg, possession-methamphetamine, possession-controlled substance without prescription, DWLSR-habitual offender

Monday, July 8

Mitchell C. Shoemake, 29, Orange Park, simple battery, vandalism

Austin Z. Smartt, 21, Green Cove Springs, FTA-criminal mischief

John Wesley McWhorter, 42, Green Cove Springs, writ of bodily attachment, two counts FTA-DWLSR

Michael A. Celso, 22, Green Cove Springs, VOP-carrying concealed weapon

William J. Doss, 46, Green Cove Springs, VOP-domestic violence

Erika S. Gordon, 46, Orange Park, possession-methamphetamine to sell, possession/use drug equipment, cocaine distribution, possession-controlled substance without prescription, possession-marijuana less than 20g, trafficking in narcotics

Nicole J. Looney, 31, Green Cove Springs, obtaining property by false personation

Quirren M. Sanders, 21, Green Cove Springs, FTA

Timothy T. Guinn, 53, Green Cove Springs, simple domestic battery

Ronnie T. Hunter, 27, Orange Park, FTA-battery

Lindsey R. Prout, 29, Orange Park, possession-controlled substance (bath salts) without prescription, possession/use drug equipment

Robert J. Beegle, 30, Middleburg, DWLSR, no car registration

Sunday, July 7

Veronica J. Brown, 29, Orange Park, two counts FTA

Riley J. Graf, 21, Green Cove Springs, DUI

Erica D. Ruffin, 29, Orange Park, domestic assault, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer

Nicole H. Boston, 28, Middleburg, possession-trafficking more than 14g amphetamine/methamphetamine, possession-marijuana more than 14g, possession-heroin, possession-clonazepam, possession-oxycodone

Hannah B. Little, 20, Orange Park, DWLSR

Kira M. Crehore, 29, Orange Park, aggravated domestic battery

Christopher B. Cash, 26, Orange Park, simple battery

Gene L. Rogers, 27, Middleburg, possession-marijuana less than 20g

Shayne E. Buchanan, 31, Middleburg, DWLSR-habitual offender

Jorge L. Calihua Quiahua, 23, Orange Park, driving without license

George W. Alger, 37, Middleburg, domestic battery

Julie L. Hicks, 42, Middleburg, violation of release conditions

Phillip C. Brown, 32, Middleburg, grand theft, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer, trespassing

Van B. Lewis, 66, Orange Park, DWLSR, no vehicle registration

Diane Maynard, 53, Orange Park, out of county warrant

Nikoesi D. Lisane, 31, Orange Park, possession-less than 20g, possession/use drug equipment

Saturday, July 6

William D. Dixon, 62, Green Cove Springs, trespassing

Joshua L. Schwallenberg, 18, Orange Park, concealed weapon, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer, trespassing

Jessica L. Smith, 23, Middleburg, DUI

Chelsea R. Busbee, 28, Middleburg, VOP-community control

Jessica L. Waters, 31, Green Cove Springs, possession-methamphetamine

Wayne L. Walker, 51, Orange Park, DWLSR

Michael R. Williams, 31, Keystone Heights, simple domestic battery

David P. Powell, 57, Orange Park, armed aggravated assault

Cynterria K. Carter, 28, Orange Park, DWLSR

Lorenzo A. Turner, 50, Orange Park, resist/obstruct/oppose a police officer

Kyle E. Murphey, 27, Middleburg, DWLSR-third offense

Susan D. Baltzey, 56, Middleburg, FTA-retail theft

Friday, July 5

Deana R. Hager, 44, Middleburg, DWLSR

Brett T. Watson, 19, Maxville, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer

Timothy T. Guinn, 53, Fleming Island, simple assault, concealed weapon/electrical device, possession-marijuana less than 20g, possession/use drug equipment

Thomas E. DeCrosta, 56, Orange Park, DWLSR-habitual offender

Jordan D. McMillian, 25, Keystone Heights, FTA

Ahmon L. Jefferson, 18, Keystone Heights, two counts armed trespassing

Darrel L. Duncan, 55, Green Cove Springs, VOP-domestic battery

Justus W. Westbrooks, 55, Green Cove Springs, VOP-domestic battery

Jeremiah Harper, 27, Orange Park, trespassing

Jennifer M. Garrett, 29, Green Cove Springs, VOP-battery

Ellen V. Austin, 27, Keystone Heights, simple domestic battery

Cody A. Durning, 27, Middleburg, sexual battery of minor 12 or younger

Desiree M. Boyer, 27, Green Cove Springs, Contempt-non-compliance with drug court program

Christine A. Thorp, 26, Green Cove Springs, DUI with property damage

Dustin N. Haas, 31, Middleburg, possession-ammo by convicted felon

Sherry A. Callaway, 56, Green Cove Springs, battery of person 65 or older

David R. Whipple, 50, Middleburg, DUI, refusal to submit to BAL test

Walter W. Brown, 28, Green Cove Springs, domestic battery

Kendall A. Lewis, 22, Orange Park, simple battery

Theresa L. Feathers, 62, Orange Park, simple domestic battery

Thursday, July 4

Jared J. Donnelly, 39, Middleburg, simple domestic battery

Walter T. Wright, 45, Green Cove Springs, FTA-petit theft

Adrianna T.M. Erb, 27, Green Cove Springs, simple domestic battery

Wednesday, July 3

Richard P. Wehrly, 31, Middleburg, simple domestic battery

Gary V. Lamb 21, Middleburg, FTA

Kevin G. Webb, 60, Orange Park, trespassing

Dustin Sparkman, 36, Green Cove Springs, dealing in stolen property

Emily R. Cox, 27, Orange Park, retail petit theft

John S. Barnes, 53, Keystone Heights, simple battery

Bryan R. Edwards, 44, Orange Park, non-support

Derek E. Shinkus, 34, Green Cove Springs, out of county warrant

Althea L. Musgrow, 51, Orange Park, DWLSR

Robert L. Diekman, 68, Middleburg, DUI with BAL .15 or higher with minor passenger, DUI with property damage

Misty L. Downs, 46, Middleburg, possession-structure/vehicle to sell drugs

Heather K. Vance, 27, Middleburg, possession-methamphetamine, possession-heroin, possession-controlled substance without prescription, possession/use drug equipment

Tiffany M. York, 38, Middleburg, possession/use drug equipment

Cecil E. Saunders, 28, Middleburg, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer

Jeffrey A. Parsons, 33, Middleburg, possession-ammo by convicted felon, possession-methamphetamine

Charles Cales, 54, Fleming Island, failure to pay sales tax

James J. Frasier, 40, Middleburg, non-support

Tuesday, July 2

Algenar J. Foote, 41, Orange Park, county ordinance violation

Benjammin L. Brown, 18, Green Cove Springs, three counts each burglary, second-degree felony wearing mask

Lauren N. Owensby, 31, Middleburg, simple domestic battery

Destany L. Austin, 19, Middleburg, possession-controlled substance without prescription

William L. Parker, 29, Green Cove Springs, two counts child abuse, FTA, FTA-DWLSR

Matthew N. Gissentanner, 30, Orange Park, petit theft

Angel A. Quintana, 37, resisting police officer, simple battery

David P. West, 49, Green Cove Springs, dealing in stolen property

Francis D. Mathews, 30, Green Cove Springs, FTA-DWLSR

Dustin Sparkman, 36, Orange Park, dealing in stolen property, giving false information to pawn broker, burglary

Jonathan Montanez, 36, Orange Park, possession-marijuana less than 20g, possession/use drug equipment

Tracy L. Meader, 52, Middleburg, FTA-DWLSR, contempt of court

Tania L. Carr, 22, Green Cove Springs, two counts VOP-grand theft

Stephan W. Tran, 23, Orange Park, possession-marijuana less than 20g

Katrena A. Hobbs, 37, Orange Park, DWLSR-third offense

Robert E. McCullar, 44, Middleburg, possession-firearm/ammo by convicted felon, armed trafficking of amphetamine/methamphetamine, habitual traffic offender

Raymond R.S. Walker, 36, Green Cove Springs, out of county warrant

Rebecca L. Fisher, 27, Middleburg, possession-heroin

Austin D. Cox, 21, Middleburg, retail petit theft, possession-controlled substance without prescription

Edward J. Castro, 49, Middleburg, possession-methamphetamine, possession/use drug equipment, possession-marijuana less than 20g

Rocio A. Bravo Cruz, 21, Middleburg, possession-marijuana more than 20g

Brittany N. Hylton, 21, Middleburg, possession-marijuana with intent to sell/manufacture/deliver


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