Thomas Hogans Gym reopens to delight of local basketball players


GREEN COVE SPRINGS – Green Cove Springs residents looking for a game of hoops will have at least one option to switch from the blazing Florida summertime sun and blacktop back to the hardwood.

The Thomas Hogans Memorial Gym, located at 415 Lemon St., is once again open for those looking to compete indoors. Under Florida state Phase 2 reopening guidelines, the gym is now open seven days a week, from 3-6 p.m. That’s just enough time for local players to lace up their sneakers and get in a few full court games.

“The turnout has been steady,” said Kenneth Detwyler, who works at the gym. “The word has been getting around that the gym is reopened and we’re getting a lot more individuals coming in the gym to play. It’s free. I’ts free to the public from ages five on up.”

The occupancy of the gym, according to rules in place to try and operate safely, is set for now at 30 people.

While ten players were on the court, shooting, passing, rebounding, and of course arguing, more sat in the bleachers waiting their turn for ‘next.’

One of those players was Brandon Peavy. Peavy had been going to the Thomas Hogans gym to play basketball for almost a year.

“It’s better now than it was when we first came here,” he said.

“I just came up here on day,” he said of how he found out that the gym had reopened. He typically goes to the gym every day to play basketball. He said that he normally gets good games and that good players frequent the gym.

Green Cove Springs city staff are present at the gym to count the occupants and to ensure that proper safety precautions (as much as possible) are being followed. The city attempts to follow all mandated CDC guidelines for COVID-19 prevention, such as ensuring proper sanitation and social distancing.

Basketball is not the only activity happening at the gym. When people are there for it, pickleball is also played there.

Regardless of ther activity happening, or the maximum 30-person occupancy, people are simply happy that the gym is open again.

“Everybody is just happy and glad that the gym is back open,” said Detwyler. “That’s been the positive reaction from all the guys coming in; girls and boys.”


Thomas Hogans Gym

Player Shoots for 3 during a pickup game at Hogans gym

Paint defense during the game at Hogans gym


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