Fleming Island’s Domenico returns home to work at Eckert and Associates


FLEMING ISLAND – The Law Offices of Eckert and Associates in Fleming Island recently expanded by hiring one of Fleming Island’s own as an associate attorney.

Gia Domenico is a graduate of Fleming Island High in the class of 2013. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science and Marketing in 2016. After some time working in marketing, she realized she would be bored. So she decided to attend Law School.

“The law has always been something that interested me,” she said. “I’ve always liked having guidelines to follow. I also like pushing the boundary in a very respectable way, and so that just seemed like the perfect way to figure that out.” Domenico attended Barry’s University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law and graduated in 2019.

Eckert and Associates PA is a firm that assists commercial vehicle owners to recover lost profits from downtime in addition to physical damage claims resulting from not-at-fault accidents.

Being a military brat, she has moved around a lot as a child but remains very close to her family. It was that closeness and a desire to stay in a familiar environment while beginning a new phase in life that brought her back to Fleming Island.

“I had gone through a bunch of changes in my life…I didn’t want to have too much change all at once,” Domenico said. “I really love the Jacksonville area. At this point, I’m a bit of a homebody. I’d like to make the general Jacksonville area my home for pretty much the rest of my life.”

A chance encounter led Domenico to the opportunity to work for Eckert and Associates.

“Our founder and lead attorney Kelsea Eckert, she met her at some social events and learned that she was preparing to take the bar exam,” Brenda Vasquez, Marketing Coordinator for Eckert and Associates. “She brought her in in September as an intern, and within a week she gave her a flexible job to work while she was preparing for the bar exam. She was so impressed with Gia [Domenico’s] ability and knowledge level that she went ahead, and as soon as she was admitted to the bar, she automatically offered her a position as an Associate Attorney. Mainly she [Domenico] is very confident, and she really knows her stuff, especially for someone who’s just getting out of law school.”

“I am lucky to have found a position in my hometown that allows me to do what I do best – aggressively negotiate,” Domenico said. Domenico’s prime function as an associate is to negotiate settlements between clients and adverse parties while running the computations department. “

“Like me, Gia prefers to champion the underdog,” said partner Kelsea Eckert. “Our clients are primarily small business owners who are fighting against big corporations. Gia works determinedly to obtain the settlements they deserve.”

Domenico has not yet decided what type of law will be her specialty.

“Right now, my biggest interest is becoming the best attorney that I can be and just wanting to continue to know more about the law and the ramifications that it can have on the people that you know and love,” she said.


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