Arrests & Bookings 9/19/19


Key: FTA-Failure to Appear; DWLSR-Driving Without a License-Suspended or Revoked; DUI-Driving Under the Influence; VOP-Violation of Parole. There are no assumptions or representations about guilt or innocence.

Tuesday, Sept. 17

Andres D. Arocho, 27, Orange Park, FTA-DWLSR

James A. Mabary, 30, Middleburg, simple battery

Brandon G. McLain, 41, Green Cove Springs, possession-firearm/ammo by convicted felon, DWLSR

Keith T. Ceragioli, 30, Green Cove Springs, non-support

Chadwick L. Shelton, 41, Green Cove Springs, FTA-possession-controlled substance without prescription

Peter L. Washington, 41, Orange Park, trespassing

Dustin C. Bridgman, 33, Orange Park, possession-controlled substance without prescription

Kristopher J. Parker, 42, Orange Park, Orange Park, possession-controlled substance without prescription

Paul A. James, 29, Green Cove Springs, DWLSR

James M. Marlatt, 43, Green Cove Springs, out of county warrant

Monday, Sept. 16

James M. Marlatt, 43, Fleming Island, DWLSR

Christian T. Stokes, 51, Orange Park, DUI

Joseph L. Hollingsworth, 32, Middleburg, FTA

Devin A. Greene, 20, Fleming Island, burglary to a vessel, petit theft

Steven A. Farris, 31, Fleming Island, retail petit theft

Linda Louis, 40, Green Cove Springs, writ of bodily attachment

Catlin N. Hall, 28, Orange Park, VOP-community control

Jon R. Perkins, 30, Orange Park, no valid vehicle registration, illegal license plate/mobile home sticker

Jalen I. Calvin, 25, Green Cove Springs, three counts out of county warrant

Talint W.J. Curtis, 18, Oakleaf. Home invasion with deadly firearm

Jerri F. Mullins, 53, Orange Park, trespassing

Sunday, Sept. 15

Joshua L. Senear, 35, Middleburg, domestic battery

Tavarres Q. McMiller, 33, Orange Park, possession-cocaine, possession-marijuana less than 20g

Ryan M.V. Rumfelt, 42, Orange Park, DWLSR

Storm E. Lee, 20, Fleming Island, grand theft $300-$4,999

Sierra D. Taylor, 24, Fleming Island, grand theft $300-$4,999

Mark D. Flamino, 35, Fleming Island, possession-methamphetamine, possession/use drug equipment, provide false identification

Robert B. Williams, 44, Middleburg, possession-cocaine, possession/use drug equipment, DWLSR

Ronald J. Montgomery, 31, Middleburg, possession-crack cocaine, possession-diazepam, possession-marijuana less than 20g, possession/use drug equipment

Nickie L. Woolard, 39, Middleburg, possession-fentanyl

Tori L. Kirby, 49, Middleburg, simple battery

Carrie M. Reagan, 40, Middleburg, child neglect, DUI with property damage

Jarrid C. Boatright, 32, Middleburg, possession-unlicensed firearm, DUI

Saturday, Sept. 14

Ahmad K. Ross, 25, Green Cove Springs, FTA

Hannah R. Kreitzer, 26, Middleburg, possession-methamphetamine, possession/use drug equipment

Michael J. Lavin, 31, Keystone Heights, trespassing

William A. Lavin, 38, Keystone Heights, trespassing

Harold D. Henderson, 35, Middleburg, trespassing, loitering/prowling

Clayton D. Gill, 18, Green Cove Springs, possession-marijuana less than 20g

Antonio J. Buford, 35, Oakleaf, DWLSR

Margaret M. Thorn, 57, Orange Park, loitering/prowling

Randy W. Moody, 54, Fleming Island, simple battery, criminal mischief

Jonathan R.L. Jeffries, 39, Orange Park, no valid vehicle registration, habitual traffic offender

Walton D. Paul, 52, Middleburg, two counts DWLSR

Renee F. Wieder, 58, Orange Park, battery on police officer/firefighter/EMT

Dana L. Dotson, 49, Fleming Island, FTA-DWLSR

Nicole E. Walls, 33, Middleburg, simple battery, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer, driving without valid license

Keith L. Damren, 42, Middleburg, simple battery

Yvonne E. Reidenbaugh, 42, Middleburg, simple battery

Brian D. Foley, 20, Green Cove Springs, possession/use drug equipment

Claudia G. Nelms, 49, Orange Park, violating injunction-unlawful threat/act of violence

Bernard A. Carey, 41, Orange Park, simple battery

Deborah S. Wills, 51, Middleburg, DUI with property damage

Andrea G. Ward, 53, Green Cove Springs, DUI with property damage

Friday, Sept. 13

Jeremy F. Hrinik, 36, Middleburg, domestic battery

Adam G. Jordan, 30, Green Cove Springs, FTA

Tabitha N. Inman, 39, Green Cove Springs, possession-controlled substance without prescription, possession/use drug equipment

Stephen D. Perry, 34, Keystone Heights, simple domestic assault

Cameron L. Gibstein, 28, Green Cove Springs, VOP-battery

Linda J. Padgett, 38, Orange Park, possession-methamphetamine, possession-fentanyl, child neglect, possession/use drug equipment

Michael J. Rollins, 44, Green Cove Springs, FTA

Amanda R. Anglemyer, 32, Fleming Island, non-support

Mack MacDougle Hayes, 56. Orange Park, DUI with property damage

Calvin C. Sayers, 37, Orange Park, grand theft $300-$4,999, vandalism

Rebecca A. Burgess, 32, Orange Park, retail petit theft

Scott D. Dodd, 35, Middleburg, VOP-DWLSR

Thursday, Sept. 12

Tyson G. Frisbeem 39, Middleburg, VOP-DWLSR, possession/use drug equipment

Chelsea R. Busbee, 28, Middleburg, FTA-DUI

Tara A. Playford, 29, Keystone Heights, two counts VOP-community control

John F. Woolery, 52, Middleburg, VOP-domestic battery

Phillip Z. Seay, 31, Fleming Island, shoplifting

Natalie E. Brown, 39, Green Cove Springs, two counts VOP-grand theft

Justin R. Dukes, 29, Orange Park, retail petit theft

Walter G. Trancynger, 32, Middleburg, maintaining shop/vehicle for drugs

William M. Schell, 43, Middleburg, resisting police officer

Crystal A.B. Billings, 27, Middleburg, possession-methamphetamine, possession/use drug equipment

Jermaine C. Berry, 38, Orange Park, domestic battery

Rachael L. McCoy, 33, Orange Park, retail petit theft

Camron C. Keller, 30, Orange Park, FTA-petit theft, FTA-resisting arrest

Wednesday, Sept. 11

Nathan S. Ricci, 19, Oakleaf, possession-marijuana less than 20g, possession/use drug equipment

Jeffry D. Williams, 36, Middleburg, felony battery, domestic battery by strangulation

Michael D. Mixon, 35, Green Cove Springs, possession-cocaine, possession/use drug equipment

Lauren M. Thomas, 25, Green Cove Springs, possession-methamphetamine, possession/use drug equipment

Marcus T. Bettis, 31, Green Cove Springs, child abuse

Jennifer A. Sims, 48, Green Cove Springs, VOP-domestic battery

Brandon D. Washington, 26, Green Cove Springs, VOP-possession-cocaine

Kyle Johnson, 32, Orange Park, simple domestic battery

Christopher S. Sumner, 45, Green Cove Springs, FTA-DWLSR

Darnell K. Jones, 21, Green Cove Springs, FTA-failing to redeliver hired/leased property

Duane S. Fitzgerald, 42, Green Cove Springs, non-support

Jessica N. Berge, 25, possession-narcotic without prescription, possession-methamphetamine, possession/use drug equipment

Christopher R. Moore, Green Cove Springs, VOP-grand theft

Justin K. Fussell, 34, Middleburg, writ of attachment/indirect civil contempt

Dennis R. Hansen, 40, Orange Park, retail petit theft

Jacob L. Carter, 24, Middleburg, possession-fentanyl, possession-drug paraphernalia, possession-Buprenorphine Hydrochloride

Christopher P. Bushey, 28, Middleburg, possession with intent to buy methamphetamine

Robert G. Svendsen, 27, Green Cove Springs, two counts FTA-DWLSR

Charles R. Odom, 44, Middleburg, purchasing methamphetamine, purchasing heroin

James B. Smith, 49, Middleburg, possession of illegal drugs with intent to sell

Tara N. Selph, 35, Middleburg, DWLSR

Alfred W. Selph, 42, Middleburg, DWLSR

Tara N. Selph, 35, two counts dealing in stolen property, giving false information to pawn broker

William A. Strawn, 31, Middleburg, purchasing methamphetamine

Nicholous O. Watkins, 22, Middleburg, sale of cannabis, purchasing methamphetamine

Kevin C. Hopkins, 32, Green Cove Springs, VOP-domestic battery

John K. Baebel, 42, Middleburg, possession-controlled substance without prescription, possession/use drug equipment

James H. Biggs, 37, Middleburg, possession/use drug equipment

Danielle D. Schean, 37, Middleburg, domestic battery

Tiffany L. Symmes, 29, Green Cove Springs, out of county warrant


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