Arrests & Bookings 8/15/19


 Key: FTA-Failure to Appear; DWLSR-Driving Without a License-Suspended or Revoked; DUI-Driving Under the Influence; VOP-Violation of Parole. There are no assumptions or representations about guilt or innocence.

Tuesday, Aug. 13

Jason V. Taylor, 38, Green Cove Springs, FTA-trespassing

Mark D. Flamino, 35, Orange Park, petit theft

Pamela V. Scott, 41, Orange Park, petit theft

Rachael L. Sible, 45, Orange Park, petit theft

Gladys E. Ruiz, 37, Orange Park, FTA

Timothy J. Rogers, 26, Orange Park, simple battery

Stephanie L. Kapp, 30, Keystone Heights, possession/use drug equipment, possession-controlled substance without prescription

Steven M. Davis, 39, Keystone Heights, simple domestic battery

Isaac T. Brinson, 23, Orange Park, molesting coin operated vending machine/parking meter

Sherry L. Hoyt, 56, Orange Park, retail theft

Angalee M. Garuti, 27, Orange Park, retail theft

Mary E. Hotelling, 41, Orange Park, simple battery

Monday, Aug. 12

Jarrod M. Depperschmidt, 21, Fleming Island, DUI

Matthew B. Caudill, 32, Middleburg, assault/battery during burglary

Dawn N. MacLeod, 31, Keystone Heights, out of county warrant

Michael M. Rutland, 36, Orange Park, FTA-resisting/obstructing police officer, FTA-no vehicle registration, possession-controlled substance without prescription

Nicole J. Mizell, 41, Middleburg, uttering forged check

Brandon K. Jenkins, 37, Green Cove Springs, non-support

Marcus R. Burroughs, 36, Green Cove Springs, non-support

Michael D. Reinhart, 42, Green Cove Springs, VOP-felony battery, VOP-violation of pretrial release conditions for domestic violence

Jason P. Terrell, 39, Green Cove Springs, VOP-petit theft

Keenu C. Jones, 42, Green Cove Springs, VOP-burglary, VOP-possession-oxycodone

Susan E. Weeks, 44, Middleburg, simple battery

Robert J. Beegle, 30, Middleburg, possession-controlled substance without prescription, possession/use drug equipment, DWLSR

Dillon M. Riley, 19, Middleburg, simple battery

Jady L. Knotts, 27, Middleburg, domestic battery

Jason S. Dow, 25, Middleburg, no valid driver’s license

Natalee J. Strombeck, 27, Middleburg, possession-methamphetamine, possession/use drug equipment

Noelle E. Gale, 22, Middleburg, DUI

Sunday, Aug. 11

Michael L. Cook, 31, Middleburg, felony battery

Torrey L. Turner, 30, Orange Park, grand theft $300-$4,999, trespassing

Joshua E. Wilkerson, 30, Lawtey, FTA-grand theft

Justin E. Meek, 30, Keystone Heights, domestic battery by strangulation, aggravated battery, depriving victim use of 911

Saturday, Aug. 10

Kelsey L. Puhl, 27, Middleburg, violation of injunction against domestic violence

Collin A. Christ, 23, Middleburg, disorderly intoxication

John L. Douglas, 72, Green Cove Springs, VOP

Brittany A. Bassler, 28, Green Cove Springs, DUI .15 BAL or higher, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer, DWLSR

Matthew J. Ghiotti, 24, Fleming Island, DUI

Ja’quinn A. Bell, 22, Oakleaf, simple domestic battery

Candy J. Taylor, 42, Orange Park, FTA

Anthony M. Waldo, 28, Green Cove Springs, out of county warrant

Larry D. Snider, 25, Orange Park, two counts possession-controlled substance without prescription, possession/use drug equipment

Saudia T. Pressley, 25, Orange Park, simple battery

James E. Whitfield, 35, Orange Park, DWLSR-habitual offender, no vehicle registration

Friday, Aug. 9

Tammy L. Bugely, 37, Fleming Island, possession-heroin, possession/use drug equipment, introduce/remove contraband into jail, DUI, DWLSR-third offense

Any M. Lowe, 48, Middleburg, simple domestic violence

April A. Canipe, 36, Keystone Heights, FTA-possession-marijuana less than 20g, FTA-possession-cannabis more than 20g

Duane C. Damon, 46, Keystone Heights, possession-methamphetamine with intent to sell, FTA-DWLSR

Chipley R. Turner, 26, Keystone Heights, possession-methamphetamine

Clarence A. Sumner, 56, Keystone Heights, own/rent drug house

Victoria M. Staten, 37, Green Cove Springs, VOP-possession/use drug equipment, FTA-petit theft

Amanda K. Coody, 31, Orange Park, FTA

Ethan L. Stone, 29, Orange Park, burglary

Carie M. Gross, 41, Orange Park, burglary

Nathaniel D. Hibbard, 29, Green Cove Springs, VOP-aggravated child neglect

Sedrick T.D. Price, 21, Middleburg, out of county warrant

Mary Jo Wheaton, 34, Green Cove Springs, FTA-DWLSR

Carol E. Elgin, 34, Orange Park, disorderly intoxication

Sarah A. Lajoie, 32, Middleburg, non-support

Lisa R. Griffis, 49, Middleburg, FTA

Thursday, Aug. 8

Javon M. Law, 22, Orange Park, child abuse, simple assault

Tyrone D. Jones, 29, Orange Park, domestic battery

Justin R. Fisher, 33, Orange Park, DWLSR-habitual offender

Howard M.B. Culpepper, 27, Green Cove Springs, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer, DWLSR-second offense

Jerome Carter, 33, Green Cove Springs, VOP-carjacking

Derick A. Wallace, 29, Green Cove Springs, FTA-possession/use drug equipment, FTA-DWLSR, FTA

Jody M. Brooks, 56, Orange Park, out of county warrant

Michael L. Hawkins, 19, Green Cove Springs, trafficking more than 1g of LSD

Garcia T. Alfredo, 24, Middleburg, driving without valid license

Melanie A. Tague, 45, Green Cove Springs, non-support

Jess D. Walther, 43, Orange Park, attempting to flee/elude police officer without regard for safety to others, reckless driving, DUI, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer, failure to stop for accident with injuries

Wednesday, Aug. 7

Teresa M. Compton, 29, Orange Park, DUI

Deangelo C. Johnson, 18, Orange Park, trespassing

Jeremy M. Yrsha, 37, Green Cove Springs, FTA-DWLSR

Shawn P. Riley, 52, Green Cove Springs, violation of condition of release

Daniel L. Williams, 29, Middleburg, simple domestic battery

Rhonda L. Brown, 38, Orange Park, petit theft

Seth M. Herring, 38, Green Cove Springs, writ of attachment


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