Arrests & Bookings 6/13/19


(Name, age, location of arrest, charges). Key: FTA-Failure to Appear; DWLSR-Driving Without a License-Suspended or Revoked; DUI-Driving Under the Influence; VOP-Violation of Parole. There are no assumptions or representations about guilt or innocence.

Tuesday, June 11

Cristy R. Williams, 46, Orange Park, VOP-community control

Nicole M. Dombroski, 35, Orange Park, VOP-domestic battery

Kenneth J. Persons, Fleming Island, unlicensed electric weapon/device

Luther P. Adams, 33, Middleburg, burglary

Stacey M. Powell, 44, Green Cove Springs, FTA-petit theft

Teresa M. Hamilton, 54, Keystone Heights, two counts VOP-community control

Anthony M. Deluca, 36, Orange Park, possession-scheduled drug without prescription

Rhonda K. Smith, 44, Green Cove Springs, non-support

Daniel C. Westbrook, 32, Fleming Island, vandalism, DWLSR-third offense, leaving scene of accident with property damage, attempting flee/elude police officer

Carolanne M. Nolan, 27, providing false information about missing person/felony

Debbie L. Walker, Middleburg, DUI

Kenneth J. Persons, 27, possession-methamphetamine

Robert J. Beegle, 30, Middleburg, DWLSR

Deann L. Turner, 49, possession-methamphetamine

Monday, June 10

Robert J. August, 30, Orange Park, DWLSR

Alyssa L. Blankenship, 25, Orange Park, possession/use drug equipment, possession-controlled substance without prescription, possession-heroin, DWLSR, introducing/removing contraband from jail

Brett Y. Watson, 18, DWLSR

Alex L. Risley, 29, Orange Park, burglary, vandalism, possession-burglary tools

Fonmelaka K. Ford, 27, Middleburg, child neglect

Matthew A. Anderson, 27, Fleming Island, petit theft, utter forged/counterfeit bill, forgery

Christopher R. Moore, 21, Middleburg, trespassing

Carrie A. Vicente, 40, Middleburg, retail petit theft

Larry J. Clark, 38, Middleburg, violation of pre-trial condition-domestic battery

Dustin L. Welch, 47, Orange Park, VOP

Jasmime M. Moody, 21, Middleburg, simple battery

Christopher R. Ballou, 33, Keystone Heights, simple battery, possession/use drug equipment, possession-cocaine

Ivette M. Gonzalez Candelaria, 25, Orange Park, FTA

Teal P. Simmons, 54, Orange Park domestic battery

Sunday, June 9

Sean M. Hunt, 21, Fleming Island, disorderly intoxication

Larry T. Nguyen, 51, Oakleaf, DUI

Shea D. Owens, 32, Orange Park, soliciting/accepting donations, possession/use drug equipment

Christopher J. Starling, 34, Middleburg, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer

Lauren M. McLeod, 28, Green Cove Springs, introduce/remove contraband from jail, resist/obstruct/oppose police office

Melissa L. Beavers, 40, Middleburg, DUI

Jodey C. Vining, 49, Orange Park, possession/use drug equipment, DWLSR, illegal license plate/mobile home sticker

Katherine L. Giddens, 28, Green Cove Springs, breach of peace/disorderly conduct/fighting/brawling, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer

Larry J. Clark, 38, Middleburg, simple battery

Floyd C. Guy, 45, Orange Park, consumption of alcohol with 300 feet of package store

Susan A. Tienter, 54, Orange Park, DWLSR

Saturday, June 8

Shawn R. Brown, 45, Green Cove Springs, DWLSR-third offense, FTA

Aaron J. Huskisson, 23, Middleburg, burglary

Hector L. Ramos, 44, Orange Park, trespassing

James W. Alexander, 34, Orange Park, petit theft

Ronald W. Carney, 48, Middleburg, aggravated battery with deadly weapon

Christian P. White, 29, Middleburg, two counts VOP-community control

Cody J. Fresbee, 33, Middleburg, possession-methamphetamine, possession/use drug equipment

Friday, June 7

Carrie L. Tomlin, 38, Orange Park, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer

Austin R. Hall, 23, Middleburg, child neglect

Stefan D. McMillion, 22, Orange Park, VOP-domestic battery

Quincy M. Sanders, 29, Green Cove Springs, VOP-domestic battery

Cassandra L. Griggs, 23, Green Cove Springs, VOP-battery

Christopher J. Lumpkin, 33, Green Cove Springs, non-support

Ashley N. Catman, 22, Green Cove Springs, FTA-DWLSR

Jonnishea M. Smith, 23, Green Cove Springs, VOP-VOP-grand theft

Michelle R. Ockfen, 52, Green Cove Springs, grand theft

Lily Mickaela, 25, Green Cove Springs, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer

James D. Simmons, 47, Orange Park, grand theft auto

Dennis J. Grogan, 47, Orange Park, aggravated battery

Kenneth I. Ingram, 59, Orange Park, vandalism of church/synagogue/mosque/religious article

Melanie I. Willis, 47, Middleburg, possession-controlled substance

Jennifer T. Hamilton, 33, Orange Park, transit fare evasion, vandalism more than $1,000

Ryan C. Powers, 36, Green Cove Springs, grand theft auto

Alan B. Laster, 61, Fleming Island, trespassing

Romil A. Marrello, 49, Orange Park, battery on a police officer/firefighter/EMT, resist/obstruct/oppose pole officer

Thursday, June 6

John D. Hettinger, 54, Fleming Island, possession-cocaine, possession/use drug equipment

Eduardo R. Cruz, 25, Green Cove Springs, driving without valid driver’s license

Matthew J. Lumpkin, 40, Orange Park, simple domestic battery

Ashley R. Sexton, 32, Middleburg, FTA-DWLSR, two counts possession-controlled substance without a prescription

Kevin A. Steinmeyer, 31, Keystone Heights, aggravated battery

Randy C. Johnson, 24, Orange Park, possession-methamphetamine, possession/use drug equipment

James D. Welles, 25, Orange Park, possession-controlled substance without a prescription

Amy L. Permenter, 38, Orange Park, possession-cocaine

Thomas A. Maceda, 38, Orange Park, two counts possession with intent to sell/deliver-methamphetamine

Ryan K. Berridge, 24, Green Cove Springs, two counts VOP-possession with intent to sell/deliver/manufacturer

Charles D. Newman, 55, Green Cove Springs, VOP-burglary, COP-grand theft

Frank J. Harris, 36, Green Cove Springs, non-support

Alex L. Risley, 29, Orange Park, burglary, vandalism, possession-burglary tools

Emma R. Rainey, 22, Orange Park, grand theft

Ryan A. Leffler, 33, court order transport

Daniel Z. Grooms, 42, Middleburg, VOP-possession-marijuana less than 20g, four counts possession drug paraphernalia

Felicia N. Brown, 26, Green Cove Springs, FTA petit theft

Christine D. Martin, 38, Orange Park, possession-methamphetamine, possession/use drug equipment

Robert M. Campbell, 27, Middleburg, simple battery

Clarence I.L. Sconiers, 28, Orange Park, insurance fraud (Duval County)

Malachi L. Stills, 25, Orange Park, possession/use drug equipment, DWLSR

Wednesday, June 5

Ritchie P. Miolen, 47, Green Cove Springs, aggravated assault with intent to commit felony, simple battery

Frederick E. Williams, 57, Maxville, assault with deadly weapon

Shawn R. Brown, 45, Green Cove Springs, non-support

Zachary R. Lyon, 37, Green Cove Springs, VOP-possession-controlled substance

Christopher M. Conway, 29, Green Cove Springs, VOP-criminal mischief

Russhelle A. Roberts, 19, Orange Park, trespassing, giving false name/ID

Luther P. Adams, 33, Middleburg, burglary, petit theft, resist/obstruct/oppose police officer, touch/strike/harm police/fire/search and rescue animal


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