Arrests & bookings 1/16/20


(Name, age, location of arrest, charges). Key: FTA-Failure to Appear; DWLSR-Driving Without a License-Suspended or Revoked; DUI-Driving Under the Influence; VOP-Violation of Parole. There are no assumptions or representations about guilt or innocence. Everyone arrested or booked is presumed innocent.

Tuesday, Jan. 14

Virgil W. Moss, 37, Green Cove Springs, VOP-battery

Reynaldo C. Casales, 55, Orange Park, FTA-possession-marijuana, FTA-no valid ID/leaving scene of accident with property damage, FTA

Patrick W. Bailey, 33, Orange Park, 13 counts VOP-community control

Aaron N. Danos, 25, Middleburg, simple domestic battery

Kristian E. Barnhill, 45, Orange Park, possession-concealed firearm by convicted felon, trafficking amphetamine/methamphetamine, keeping vehicle/home for drugs, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

Matthew T.I. West, 33, Orange Park, possession/use-drug paraphernalia, non-support, FTA

Donald W. Sharp, 22, Orange Park, burglary

Steven A. Heflin, 18, Middleburg, retail petit theft

Alyssa R. Fowler, 18, Orange Park, retail petit theft

Monday, Jan. 13

Brian C. Fife, 29, Middleburg, no valid registration, FTA-failing to register vehicle

Crystal G. Clevenger, 41, Middleburg, simple domestic battery

Jonathan T. Bass, 37, Green Cove Springs, court order transport

Kyle L.K. Randelston, 20, Middleburg, simple battery, vandalism

Maurice L. Jones, 38, Green Cove Springs, fugitive from justice

David J. Teixeira, 57, Starke, simple domestic battery

Jason L. Giddings, 40, Green Cove Springs, VOP-domestic battery

Alexsandria McNabb, 33, Keystone Heights, accessory after the fact

Zachary J. McKenzie, 22, Green Cove Springs, VOP-DUI

Amy E. Pelfrey, 40, Green Cove Springs, dealing in stolen property, providing false ID to pawn shop, three counts leaving scene of accident with property damage

Emilee M. Maier, 22, Orange Park, simple battery

Sunday, Jan. 12

Silviere Butler, 38, Orange Park, grand theft $300-$4,999

Miguel A. Santos, 44, Orange Park, out of county warrant

Cal J. Mainor, 29, Orange Park, possession-marijuana

Charles K. Cloud, 63, Middleburg, assault/battery during burglary

Crystal G. Taylor, 31, Middleburg, violating injunction against domestic violence

Andrew A. Lee, 42, Orange Park, using home/car for drug business

James M. Davis, 40, Green Cove Springs, possession-firearm/ammo by convicted felon

Shawn S. Stewart, 35, Orange Park, non-support

Travis P. Latner, 37, Orange Park, felony warrant

Kareem A. Russell, 45, Middleburg, simple domestic battery

Brandie D. Johnson, 33, Middleburg, DWLSR

Mason W. Pye, 22, Middleburg, FTA

Jackie R. Padgett, 36, Middleburg, FTA

Saturday, Jan. 11

Justin T. Ricketson, 34, Middleburg, DWLSR-habitual offender, no valid registration, illegal license tag

Kyle L. Betts, 35, Middleburg, simple battery

Jayeshkumar Khatri, 41, Orange Park, out of county warrant

Robert E. Hulse, 54, Middleburg, simple battery

Loranzia Outin, 43, Orange Park, 43, Orange Park, knowingly possessing fewer than four IDs, two counts possession-firearm/ammo by convicted felon, possession-methamphetamine with intent to sell/manufacturer, deliver, possession/use-drug paraphernalia, DWSLR, no valid registration

Charles U. Jordan, 31, Middleburg, aggravated assault, felony battery/domestic battery by strangulation

Michael A. Rothmeyer, 36, Middleburg, three counts FTA

Christie L. Weaver, 39, Orange Park, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

Sean P. Childs, 33, Orange Park, possession-marijuana

Drew J. Cripps, 31, Orange Park, driving without valid license

Keith D. Beason, 53, Keystone Heights, simple battery, criminal mischief

Cedric A. Crimley, 26, Green Cove Springs, VOP-community control

Jason R. Spooner, 47, Green Cove Springs, two counts FTA

Lewis C. Jones, 43, Orange Park, possession-cocaine, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

Nicole S. Butler, 38, Orange Park, resist/obstruct/oppose

Ashely M. Walden, 35, Orange Park, resist/obstruct/oppose

Friday, Jan. 10

Jason L. Rankin, 44, Middleburg, DUI, third offense in 10 years, DWLSR

Sebastian A. Busuttil, 21, Middleburg, possession-marijuana

Carl A. Heichel, 38, Orange Park, possession-heroin

Karrah A. Mongone, 30, Orange Park, possession-controlled substance, possession-marijuana

Elijah B.D. Hurst, 18, Orange Park, possession-marijuana

Kayla M. Watson, 29, Green Cove Springs, out of county warrant

Michael L. Allen, 32, Orange Park, loitering/prowling, resist/obstruct/oppose police

Eric M. Frock, 46, Oakleaf, DWLSR

Scott D. Dodd, 35, Middleburg, trespassing

Nicholas. A. Colon, 19, Orange Park, possession-marijuana with intent to manufacture/sell, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

Michael T. Miller, 31, Green Cove Springs, FTA

Cathy C. Wright, 57, Middleburg, domestic battery

Katelynn L. Childress, 23, Orange Park, possession-marijuana

Kaitlynn S. Dominguez, 25, Orange Park, possession-marijuana, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

Timothy E. Sexton, 22, Orange Park, possession-methamphetamine, possession-marijuana, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

Aaron J. Driver, 23, Middleburg, domestic battery

Thursday, Jan. 9

Karaka K. Jordan, 18, Orange Park, obtaining property less than $20,000

Britanny S. Swilley, 30, Orange Park, possession-methamphetamine, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

Mathew A. McDonald, 43, Oakleaf, FTA

Carlos M. Grissett, 26, Orange Park, no valid driver’s license

Tammy A. Davis, 43, Orange Park, trespassing

Kristen M. Rossow, 36, Middleburg, retail petit theft

Kayla M. Watson, 29, Orange Park, DWLSR

Destini H. Carpenter, 32, Fleming Island, retail petit theft

Kristin L. Brownfield, 35, Orange Park, DUI with property damage, battery on corrections officer, disorderly intoxication, leaving scene of accident with property damage, resist/obstruct/oppose police

Joseph W. Smith, 34, Green Cove Springs, possession-methamphetamine, possession-marijuana, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

Michael O. Pendarvis, 23, Orange Park, possession-marijuana, possession/use-drug paraphernalia, DWLSR

Clayton T. Scalcucci, 23, Green Cove Springs, FTA-grand theft

Jona P. Thigpenn, 44, Orange Park, DWLSR

Adam R. Wyza, 41, Middleburg, use of firearm while under the influence

Richard J. Decker, 63, Green Cove Springs, FTA-DWLSR

Walter S. Davis, 29, Keystone Heights, FTA-burglary

Wednesday, Jan. 8

Mark E. Davis, 43, Middleburg, DWLSR

Benjamin R. Walters, 33, Middleburg, violating injunction against domestic violence

Terrell M. Robinson, 27, Green Cove Springs, fugitive from justice

Darry D. Jackson, 19, Oakleaf, home invasion with firearm/deadly weapon, armed burglary

Jamal R. Youman, 23, Green Cove Springs, six counts armed burglary, resisting officer

Troy W. Grubbs, 33, Orange Park, VOP-community control

Taylor R. Hill, 22, Keystone Heights, two counts second degree murder, attempted second degree murder

Michael C. Malson, 22, Green Cove Springs, FTA-DWLSR, FTA-attached tag not assigned

Alyssa T. Earls, 21, Middleburg, retail petit theft

Adam D. Fletcher, 35, Orange Park, failing to comply with registration law

Rodricquez D. Holmes, 22, Jacksonville, possession-marijuana

Rebecca L. Peek, 48, Green Cove Springs, possession-methamphetamine, possession/use-drug paraphernalia

Ricky B. Evans, 33, Orange Park, DUI with property damage

Ashley E. Matetzck MacArthur, 29, Orange Park, domestic battery

Alan M. Green, 24, Green Cove Springs, affray

Kayla R. Chavez, 28, Green Cove Springs, affray

Antwaun D. Cooper, 18, Orange Park, retail petit theft

Kyric J. Lewis, 18, Oragne Park, retail petit theft

Yavanda R. Prudden, 57, Green Cove Springs, VOP-community control

Nicholas B. Kolehmainen, 36, Green Cove Springs, affray


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