Amerikatz assisting local businesses by buying, recycling used catalytic converters


CLAY COUNTY – Amerikatz, a national leader in catalytic converter purchasing and processing, is bringing its business to Clay County.

The company will provide an opportunity for local small businesses to generate revenue during a time when many are facing economic troubles due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Americatz purchases used catalytic converters from auto and muffler repair shops, towing companies, metal suppliers and salvage yards to process and recycle the precious metals found inside.

“In the past, it’s [this industry] been the Wild West,” said Amerikatz’s Dick Joseph. “Amerikatz has tackled that with our transparency. This gives the local companies and small businesses in Clay County, such as Smitty’s Muffler, JR’s Muffler, all these small businesses in Clay County, whether its scrap yards, salvage yards, auto repair shops, muffler shops, they’re getting catalytic converter parts in during their daily business. These catalytic converters contain precious metals inside, and despite the pandemic right now, the prices are still extremely high. They can sell it to us knowing they’re going to get the top prices.”

The small businesses will be able to bypass the middleman and sell directly.

“We’re really excited to come into the Clay County market and make it very easy for these businesses,” he said.

“With China and India taking emissions control seriously, this new demand will ensure a steady source of income for small business auto shops and scrap yards that recycle their converters,” said Matt Grinstead, Facility Manager for Americatz. “The precious metals inside are used for much more than the automotive industry. They’re found inside life-saving medical instruments such as pacemakers, stents, and defibrillators, and are used in cancer radiation therapy.”

Joseph says this operation should be a regular and constant revenue source for these local businesses despite the pandemic. With a database that lists real-time prices, Americatz is able to provide the best possible prices to the small businesses in the county.

The precious materials recycled from the convertors have practical uses, such as making new catalytic convertors but also for life-saving equipment such as pacemakers, stents, defibrillators and even used in chemotherapy.

Amerikatz hopes to be successful in working with local businesses to the point that they allow them to increase their staff and hopefully do enough work together to expand their operations even more within the county.


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