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Floridians have never been closer to putting an open primaries referendum on the 2018 ballot than we are today. A proposal to amend our primary system was submitted by Commissioner Bill Schifino … more
I will turn 50 this year. There, I said it. There’s no turning back and no more denial. I am making the transition from being a vibrant, young life-of-the-party to a wise, old … more
Forest fires caused by lightning once played a major role in forming and maintaining much of Florida’s palmetto-pine flatwoods, sandhills, scrub, prairies and wetlands ecosystems. Many species of … more
Florida is falling behind on criminal justice reform. While a majority of states – including Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas – have adopted comprehensive criminal justice … more
My daughter is a seventh grader at Wilkinson Middle School. Recently she came home and asked some very smart questions about genetics, evolution and how it fit with our faith verse other religious … more
JACKSONVILLE – Republican Wyman Duggan, a Jacksonville lawyer seeking to replace departing Jay Fant in House District 15, scored big in December on two fronts. Duggan finally hit six figures in … more
A new poll from Gravis Marketing finds that if Orlando lawyer John Morgan gets into the Florida Governor’s race as an independent candidate, he could spoil the chances of Democrats, and might … more
I could say that I’m not good at math, but that would disappoint my fifth grade math teacher, Laura Polk. I could say that I hardly make mistakes, but that would be untruthful and disappoint … more
Spoiler alert: If you’re a regular of this site, and reading this story, you can guess what the No. 1 pick is. Otherwise, 2017 still offered a bounty of material to Tallahassee’s reporting … more
I read with interest (and some concern), the story that you posted on December 20, 2017 entitled, “The Math Simply Doesn't Add Up.” With all due respect, your math doesn’t add up because you … more
During the upcoming 2018 Florida Legislative Session, Right on Crime will serve as a resource to lawmakers on the importance of criminal justice reform, breaking down long-held, but unsupported, … more
All through his high school career, we were astounded at our son, especially when it came to mathematics. We kept wondering if the genes he got that allowed him to make As in International … more
Word of the Week is a feature that aims to help readers boost their vocabulary in a meaningful way that has practical application. Each week, our editorial staff presents a word, its definition and … more
5 years ago, 2012Despite a rejection from the Clay County Planning Commission, the Board of County Commissioners moved forward to create an ordinance to allow digital billboards to be erected … more
FloridaPolitics.com There is no place for special favors in our state’s basic charter, the Florida Constitution. Every provision in that document should benefit all of us equally, and … more
Recently, I was touring a friend’s property in the Florida sandhills through beautiful older longleaf pines, with an open understory that is regularly burned. As we came around the corner, two fox … more
Mark Twain is credited by some as saying: A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. Live greyhound racing is good for Florida and good for the … more
Although he is best known for his 1995 book, Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong, author James Loewen’s Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get … more
Right now, Floridians have a chance to finally put a stop to one of the cruelest “sports” left in America – greyhound racing. Two past Florida Senate Presidents, Tom Lee and Don Gaetz, have … more
The Black Creek Project will provide little benefits to the Keystone Lakes and will waste over $42 million of state resources that could be used to provide real benefits to the areas’ water … more
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